Turquoise sky

Turquoise sky: alls asleep.
Hoar frost on the branches stiff frosen
Like small diamonds quietly creeps.

Pinkish fair sunrise through the mounts
Coming through its the time for the sun.
But its frost, only frost now counts,
And the mysterious marble .


Words have slid in fresh, very quiet sea wind,
Like foot traces they sink in a sandy disguise.
Like an agate a glance quickly slipped
by the prints
Sinking fast in the debths of indifferent eyes.

Like a sad sleepy chord of a mystery ball
Ringing sound of guitar
its for none and for all,
Modulation of strings,
sound of gentle Baroque,
Like a spider, a guy with guitar on the rock.

And a crowd of the curious catching
the chance
Standing ready to dive in this dream

Theres the Moon shining right through the blinds

Theres the Moon shining right through
the blinds
Framed by lace of the twigs
and the branches.
Silence hangs in the air over mounts,
And the bright lunar mould water touches.

And the wind scatters papers on desk
Fresh and strong, it has entered abruptly
Bringing dreams stupid small arabesques,
Dropping glass from the desk and disrupting.

It has whispered of somebodys love,
As an accord its pulled with its gust
The window I didnt close enough,
Wiping blood from the hand like my past

Our feelings believe it or not
Are like pieces of glass in the blood.

The road flies up

The road flies up to meet the dim twilight,
The dusk has fallen into haze
The world has squeezed into the needle eye,
Collapsed in an enormous blaze

And youve regarded it so thoughtfully
and whispering the quiet joy:
Oh look! The Moon is hanging on a pole,
Reached out like an enchanted boy.

It hangs like lantern, like a bright streetlight,
Lighthouse on a distant coast,
And we, the latest two romanticists
Conveyed it in the worldly frost.

Im leaving a mysterious land

Im leaving a Northern mysterious land,
Where fjords cut the earth like
a monstrous knife,
The place of trolls and the fantasy land,
Which has its peculiar different life.

A mountain, covered with wood,
hides the road,
The tops of the pines are secured in dim,
Trolls whisper each other on evil and fraud,
From under the snags, and deceitfully grin.

And rocks all in moss wait for misty sunrise
So ready to charm, even more hypnotize.

Senas Miestas

Breath of the Moon above the cloudy steam,
We are in town of magic dreams,
A path of water as a silver string
Starts silently for us to sing.

Night lamps give light to quiet sleepy streets,
The church in light of dawn
the morning greets,
And as a cloud quickly leaves the sight
All that I throw away in leaving night.

In a little restaurant we drink the wine
Where swims and shines a wonderful
And the Old town in brilliance of the lights
Drinks pale shine of the Moon
The balm of night.


Im coming back to my forgotten world
From radiant romantic fairy land,
From terrible nightmares, I had got,
From depths of libraries,
from riddles to understand.

I close the ancient volumes read so far,
And walk along the river by the snow:
Ill see you soon my beautiful Nekkar,
I wont forget your wonderful nightglow.

I wont forget the towers overhead,
Plane trees and scarlet carpet of the roofs,
And Schwarzwald mounts, cold,
serene and sad,
The crystal air which consoles and soothes.

And so I stay alone on the bridge,
The same as was in long-forgotten dreams
And my sapphire drinks moonlight
to bewitch
And whispers something in this magic gleam

I shall come back

I shall come back,
I hope I will
I neednt check
I know youre thrilled

Alas for you, but not for me,
Im coming not to you, my friend
Alas for you, but not for me,
Im coming to another man.

Ive waited long,
And thats my day,
Since now I do refuse to play
(Who knows, probably, my fate
s to share the worldly masquerade)

Since with that one I meant to be
Alas for you, but not for me!

Ein Traume

Ich traeume jetzt wie immer schlisse ich
Die Augen,
Und sehe ich so deutlich
Nur ein Gesicht,
Ein einzelnes Gesicht,
Das habe ich gesehen sehr heufig.

Und hoere ich die Stimme, die zu mir
Gekommen war als von den fern" Planetten,
Die milde zarte Stimme,
Die von hier hat mir genommen
Wenn wir zwei geredet.

Ich denke nicht ob wir zusammen seien,
Und trotzdem hoffe ich, dass wir es schaffen.
Auf meine Wange brennt noch Kuesse rein,
Und Ihre Augen immer mir anschauen.